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EIN Summer University 2006 - Lione

the European Ideas Network is the open pan-European think tank established in 2002 by the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament. The network brings together politicians, businessmen, academics, think tankers, journalists, policy advisers and outside experts, to discuss some of the major issues facing Europe today. It also coordinates the joint activities of over forty national think tanks and political foundations across the European Union. The EIN’s traditional Summer University – now in its fifth year – offers a private forum for detailed policy discussion, operating through working groups and plenary sessions, where active debate and free exchange of views are the order of the day. It will be preceded by our third European Ideas Fair: a public forum to show-case speeches on forward-looking themes by leading political and intellectual figures, with roundtables on “Globalisation: Facing the Asian Challenge” and “The European Agenda for Revival”. A variety of major international speakers will be contributing to the meeting.


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