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EIN Seminar - “The social agenda” - Brussels

This seminar broadened the EIN’s work on the financial crisis by considering its social impact, focussing on employment and particularly on opportunities for the young and old.

The opening address was given by Alain Lamassoure MEP, former French Minister for European Affairs; on the subject of ‘Mobility and freedom of choice: a real world agenda for European mobility’ based on a report he had submitted to President Sarkozy.

Dirk Hudig, Chairman of EIN Working Group on Employment, Skills and Human Capital, spoke on ‘Job creation: Preparing for the Recovery: focusing on job creation and SMEs’. Johan Bortier, UNIZO, looked at the challenges faced by those in self-employment: Branislav Stanicek, Administrator RELEX, Committee of the Regions, addressed the question of the young generation whilst Philippe Brongniart, former Director General, Suez Group, considered the needs of older citizens. Gilles Dryancour, Director, Government relations, John Deere & Company, gave a stimulating and thought-provoking presentation on the need to reform social security systems.

The meeting was closed by a keynote address by Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission, on the efforts to pursue a society of progress for the individual in the face of the crisis.


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