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EIN/FAES Seminar - Energy + Environment: new options - Madrid

A FAES and EIN seminar will take place in Madrid on 30 March 2009. Here will be two sessions. The first will consider the future of the Nuclear Energy in Europe whilst the second will examine the topic of ‘Greening the Economy’. Speakers will include:

  • Bonifacio Garcia Porras, European Commission, DG Energy on “Nuclear energy and the future of the energy mix in Europe: a policy approach”;

  • Philippe Brongniart, Ancien membre du directoire de la Fondation pour l’Innovation politique on “The Nuclear Industry”;

  • Dr. Marie-Francoise Praml-Bode, Unternehmenberatung, Düsseldorf on “The Nuclear debate in Germany”;

  • Prof. Gabriel Calzada, Economist, Professor, Rey Juan Carlos University on “A Green economy: what does it mean?”;

  • Jesse Scott, Europe in the World Programme Leader, E3G (Third Generation Environmentalism), Brussels; Research Fellow, European University Institute, Florence;

  • Dr. Jean-Paul Maréchal, Economist; l’Université Rennes 2, Haute Bretagne on “Environmental economics: what about its social cost ?”;

  • David Winston, Winston Group (Washington) on “Assessing the new Administration’s policy and projects in the field of the green economy”;

  • Prof. Jean Didier Vincent, Biologist; Member of the French Academies of Sciences of France and Belgium on “Adjusting to environmental change”.

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