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Seminario - The EU as a global player between economic power and global responsibility

Among the activities for Europe’s Voice Workshop – United for the G8 Youth Summit, a panel discussion takes place in Bocconi University with: Barbara Klaus, Vittorio Carlini, Vincenzo Galasso, Stefano Riela and Maarten Veeger. The main topic of the discussion is “The EU as a global player-between economic power and global responsibility”. EUrope’s Voice takes place between the 12th and 15th March 2009 in Milan, welcoming 50 students from the four European G8 delegations. The aim of the workshop is to discuss common goals and to develop, where possible, a shared position of the European members in the G8. The discussions amongst the students will be complemented by several lectures and panel discussions of representatives from political institutions and NGO’s. The meeting is supported by the European Commission’s Youth in Action programme.


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