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EIN Seminar - Politica commerciale europea tra rischi e opportunità - Berlino

Nell’ambito delle attività della task force di EIN dedicata alla politica commerciale, la Fondazione Konrad Adenauer organizza un workshop per trattare i seguenti temi:

1) The Report on Global Europe – External aspects of competitiveness: insights and further need for discussion;

2) Bilateral vs. multilateral trade agreements: economic effects and options for the EU;

3) Environmental and social standards: arguments against the integration into (EU) trade policy and alternative options for their enforcement;

4) Unfair competition from emerging market economies: What options for the EU?.

Parteciperanno: Daniel Caspary, Claudio Dordi, Lothar Funk, Christina Langhorst, Jürgen Matthes, Patrick Messerlin, Stormy Mildner, Alexander Raubold, Stefano Riela, Stefan Tangermann, Ulrich Thießen, Christian Tietje, Florian Ziegenbalg.


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